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Between Tarshiha – Aleppo – Yehiam

Director: Avner Greenberg

Saleem, the elder brother of Muntaha and Ibrahim from Tarshiha, commanded the village militia during the fighting against the Jewish forces in 1948. At the same time and on those same hills Eli Harari, a founding member of Kibbutz Yehiam, fought to defend the isolated settlement. Saleem went into exile and settled in the city of Aleppo, in Syria. Ibrahim worked under Eli on Kibbutz Yehiam for many years and they all started families.

Reflections on “home,” “land,” and “place” surface on the route between Tarshiha, Aleppo and Yehiam.


Reel and Spindle

Director: Chen Dalai

Eighty-nine year old Ziama Rapoport has enjoyed few gratifying moments of public recognition on Kibbutz Cabri. He never considered himself to be a skilled photographer, yet he has always been drawn to filming and over many decades has documented the essence of kibbutz life for later generations. As the kibbutz has changed or “disappeared” as some would have it, so too has Ziama’s memory begun to fade. These films, which are a memorial to him, may also serve as the memory cells that he has lost.



A Meeting of Parallel Lines

Director: Ilana Zveibil Bialik

The lives of Tamer and Einat proceed along parallel paths. They live in adjacent but separate towns, study at separate schools, spend their leisure time in different places, and plan their futures along different lines. Tamer rides a unicycle, and Einat specializes as a tiso acrobat.

They meet only in a pas de deux that forms the main act of the circus.


Katluni Ya Droz (These Steps are Killing Me)

Director: Avi Azran

They have been playing together for twenty years in a shelter in the industrial area of the town of Ma’alot. The Droz (or “steps” in Moroccan) band comprises Jewish, Druze and Arab performers who bring with them different styles and cultures. All these years they have dreamed of a “breakthrough” and success, but this has yet to happen. Now they are on the verge of producing their first album and their dream is nearer than ever to coming true.

Chief project editor:  Shay Amit