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jerusalem boxing club

Jerusalem boxing club

Director :Helen Yanovsky


Work in progress

July 11. 2013 , Jerusalem Film Festival

The Jerusalem Boxing Club, which works out of a bomb shelter in Jerusalem’s Katamon neighborhood, is a meeting point for children and youth from all around the city. For many of the young people, the desire to excel and to win the national championship is nourished by the tough training and boundless love of Gershon Luxemburg, the club’s manager and trainer. For Gershon, a veteran boxer from the FSU, boxing is not just another sport, but a way of life. In the training, he is not only instructs the young people but instills in them the values of magnanimity, helping others, and compassion. The young men and women who come to the club to learn the martial arts, and find a warm and loving place, which they call home for many years. Gershon continues in his untiring work to turn the young people into better people, in spite of the many obstacles that stand in his way. He confidently leads his students and turns the club into one family in which the “children” come and go, and Gershon, the “devoted father” always remains order to support and encourage.

Helen Yanovvsky of the Tel-Aviv University, Film and Television (M.A) department. Her film develop at the dIM 2011. Recipient of the Production Award of the Gesher Multicultural Film Fund, the Alex Bernstein Production Award for outstanding Film student and Yes Docu TV channel.