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Israel 2014, 48 min, Hebrew, Hebrew & English subtitles

Director, Production & Script: Maya Zaydman
Production Company: Minshar For Art
Editing: Shaked Goren
Cinematography: Ilan Rubin Fields
Soundtrack: Erez Einy-shavit
Music: Yehu Yaron
Print Source: Minshar for art ([email protected])

A documentary cabaret about the musical journey of indie musician Yehu Yaron as he prepares to release his second album. In his songs about love, birth and disease, Yehu reveals the things he can’t talk about except through his music. This is a journey into the innermost nooks and crannies of the creative process, from the writing of songs to the album release concert. An intimate portrait of an artist, whose personal life infiltrates and shapes his work.